Our mission is to create an association of stuntmen who are also visual effects professionals, provide our services to the film industry, and educate the stunt and visual effects communities about the limitless potential of combining these disciplines.

Robert Chapin:

I've been a professional VFX artist and stuntman for over twenty years.  You can find my website at

As a stuntman, I've worked on major feature films such as "Hook" and "Army of Darkness". I've even starred in a few action films including "Ring of Steel" and taught film and stage combat workshops across the country.

As a VFX artist, my credits include work on feature films such as "X-Men", "Fantastic Four" and "Fast and Furious". You can find all my credits on my IMDB page at

Over the years, I've been one of the few stuntmen who was also working in the visual effects industry. During this time, I've been witness to the rift that has developed between the two professions.

Basically, stuntmen believe that they are being replaced by CGI. Some folks believe CGI is "cheating", others say it just doesn't look good.

Which is too bad since CGI is one of the most bitchin tools a stunt coordinator can have in his bag o' tricks. Not only can visual effects achieve practically anything if done correctly, it can make a stunt dramatically safer.

Likewise, visual effects professionals don't always have an eye for action and typically don't interact with the stunt community as a resource.

By combining these two disciplines, action scenes can be executed with more safety and with greater visual impact.


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